Monday, October 20, 2008

Part 1 of The Night

Hey Everyone,
I have recently finished the book, but will only put up posts about a few chapters at a time.
The Book starts out in a little jewish town by the name of Sighet. The is where Elie Wiesel ate, slept, and prayed for most of his childhood. It is in this chapter that Elie is first confronted with Kabbalah (the interpretation of the bible) by a man named Moishe. During hours spent at the synagogue the two of them would reside over such questions as "Why do we pray?" 

It during this time that the Germans make there first move against the Jews of Sighet. There is an order for every foreigner leave the town by German trucks. Unfortunately Elie's new friend Moishe is a foreigner and is forced yo leave the town. After this order, life in Sighet goes on as normal Until Moishe returns. Elie first sees him on the bench outside of the synagogue. After sitting down next to Moishe, Elie is told about what the Germans where doing outside of their little town. Elie and the rest of the town, all strong believers in gods mercy, do not heed his warnings.

These chapters show how at first people thought it impossible for people like Hitler to exist and therefor did nothing to protect themselves. 

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Roberta said...

Thanks for the summary. How do you respond to the question: Why do we pray?