Sunday, October 26, 2008

Part 2 of The Night

Hey Everyone,
This post will be about the next section of The Night, but first I would like to respond to a question by Roberta. In my last post I mentioned that Moishe asked Elie why he prayed. Elie's response to this was " Why do we breathe? Why do we eat?" This answer shows Elie's devotion to god. 

 Now back to the story.  We last ended with Moishe Telling Elie about what the Germans where doing to the foreign Jews. Elie and the other villagers did not believe Moishe so life went on an normal. In this section  of thew book a pro-Nazi leader is elected into government. The people of Sighet finally begin to worry when news reaches them them that the Nazis had invaded Hungarian territory.

Soon German solders Moved into Sighet. The solders are not violent or demanding. They just stay in some the villagers houses. the villagers are not hostile towards the solders, but they are still cautious and do not pray in front of them. Over a small period of time rules such as a curfew are established under penalty of death.

This section shows the first moves of oppression the Nazis make against the people of Sighet.

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